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Sport Vibrations
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Sport Vibrations 11,5 Kayak SUP Board inflatable incl Carbon Paddle and Seat

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Manufacturer: Sport Vibrations
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Sport Vibrations 11,5 Kayak SUP Board inflatable including 40% Carbon Paddle and Seat

If you don't want to commit yourself to only being able to sit in a kayak or paddle standing up on a standup paddle board, this is the place for you.
Paddling sitting or standing is possible with this set in just a few simple steps.
Anyone who has ever capsized in a kayak in deep water knows that it is not easy to get back into the boat.
It's a lot easier to pull yourself up onto a board that's floating flat in the water!
The pack size and weight of this set is also significantly lower than that of a "real" inflatable kayak!

Sport Vibrations 11,5 Allround Touring SUP Board inflatable € 635,-

350cm x 79cm x 15cm 8,2 kg   UVP 595 €
This all-round SUP from Sport Vibrations is very suitable for all types of tours or simply for playful paddling around.

Even the possibility of a seated tour has been thought of: 4 optimally placed and factory-assembled D-rings for attaching an optional kayak seat are available.

Thanks to the US fin box (tool-free assembly of the fin with a thumb screw), there is a wide range of options for different fins depending on the use of the board:
Original all-round fin, large touring fin for even better straight-ahead running, backward-sloping seagrass fin, soft fin for river trips and shallow waters, particularly light fin made of Carbon / GFK ………

The light and moderately wide board in the high quality Woven-Fusion-Double-Layer-Technology is the first choice for everyone when it comes to price-performance.

Sport Vibrations is the importer of Mistral SUPs for Europe since the last 10 years and therefore has excellent contacts to top manufacturers with the latest materials and production techniques.

Sport Vibrations SUP Paddle Carbon Composite 4 pcs € 184,80

The paddle in the SUP setup weighs 870 grams and in the kayak setup with 2 blades 1280 grams.
The longest part measures 90cm.

Size Blade 8'0 "x19"


Developed for the toughest jobs with a high-quality look. The Sport Vibrations® carbon composite paddles combine high carbon performance with low weight and optimum stiffness, high-quality optics, with an almost indestructible, insensitive polypropylene paddle blade.

With Antitwist longitudinal groove in the shaft - prevents 100% unwanted twisting of the paddle handle, and thus always guarantees the perfect position in relation to the paddle blade.

Produced using carbon prepreg autoclave technology
The carbon paddle handle is connected to the carbon slide-in shaft in the prepreg autoclave process to form an inseparable piece. This process guarantees a maximum stiff connection (handle to shaft) and connects the two parts permanently . The paddle handle is therefore completely torsion-free, stiff and 100% free of play.

Parts produced using carbon prepreg autoclave technology are characterized by their extremely low weight and maximum load capacity.

The paddle is 100% buoyant!

Sport Vibrations Deluxe Kayakseat € 89,90
Premium Kayakseat with reinforced thermoforming
for ergonomic seating comfort, and height-adjustable seat position and 4-point carabiner attachment
Ideal for SUP / Integrated seat pocket with zip

The seat has attachment points 4 (Karabiner with straps), of which 2 forward and 2 are clamped to the back

Can be ordered as an option at the set price:
SV PADDLE BAG as an option in a set instead of € 39.90 only € 15.00



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