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Tami Hundebox
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Tami Dogbox inflatable for Backseat L

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Manufacturer: Tami Hundebox
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  • Products description

    Tami Dogbox inflatable for Backseat L

    Fits: Labrador, Irish Setter, German Shepherd, Collie, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer, Airedale Terrier, Dalmatian ...

    Outside dimensions: 100 x B T H 61 x 71 cm
    interior dimensions: W 90 x T x H 56 66 cm
    Weight: 8.2 kg

    Includes foot pump, bumper protection, side access protection
    mounting adapter and repair kit


    Our biggest backseat dog box - TAMI Backseat L weighs in at just 8.2 kg lightweight on the scales. Perfect for large breeds like Labrador, Irish Setter, German Shepherd, Collie, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer, Airedale Terrier and Dalmatian. Choose based on the size of your dog, between the TAMI Backseat Box S, M and L.

    All TAMI Backseat boxes can with appropriate trunk size naturally also be used as a trunk boxes are.

    An inflatable air tube can be moved forwards and backwards, and are filled with more or less air, in order to adjust the ground angle.

    Each Tami Backseat Box has 2x side entry openings (either left or right to enter), and 1x a rear entry opening for operation as "Storage box" The main argument for the TAMI Backseat box is that it virtually fits into any four-door car. The TAMI Backseat box is inflated only in the car and thus shapes itself directly to the rear seat.

    All TAMI Dogboxen are having a particularly comfortable " air comfort floor damping equipped".

    A stable, inflatable floor ensures every bump in the car for the perfect suspension and pleasant balance. In contrast to the damping / suspension of car seats, which is for vehicle occupants "normal", are dog crates in the trunk usually on a hard, unsprung boot floor in the vehicle.

    The TAMI Dogboxen guarantee with the " air comfort floor damping " a truly comfortable transportation of your dog. Especially in older dogs with Hüftschäden or the like which provides TAMI air comfort floor damping considerably easier, and offers a maximum of comfortable transport especially with irregularities, such as potholes, bumps and off-road rides. The " air comfort floor damping " is automatically TAMI dogbox inflate with the active.

    The box is completely outside soft and can not damage the interior of the vehicle.
    The zippers can be block from the outside, so that the dog from the inside not with his nose open.
    The large tear-proof networks provide good ventilation.
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