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Ensis Wing V2 Model 2021

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Manufacturer: Ensis
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Ensis Wing V2 Model 2021

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The new Ensis Wings 2021 have an improved pressure load and improved seams!

The seams of the leading edge and the strut are offset with an insignia tape. With an extremely resilient special thread from UK, ENS! S Tubes can withstand very high pressure (9-11 psi) and thus enable the wing to have a maximum of stable leading edge and strut.

The Ensis Windwing Wingsurfer is for any rider that wants to start the new sport of wingsurfing using either an SUP board or a hyrdrofoil. It also targets existing wingriders that want to upgrade to the best wing available.

The Ensis Windwing Wingsurfer delivers a whole new way off harnessing the wind in the simplest set up yet. Its unique design provides the most forward drive, stiffest platform and best control of any wing on the market.

-9 months of prototyping
-Medium Aspect Ratio
-Unique Leading Edge shape
-Tensioned sanopy
-Stiff strut throughout the whole length
-Reinforced window
-Multiple reinforcements in key areas
-Teijin 3x3 Canopy
-Double inflate deflate valve for strut
-Though built Leading Edge and strut seams
-Dyneema Trailing Edge
-Insignia reinforcement outer frame
-Stiff and soft handles

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