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Returns & Reclamations

Returns & Exchanges

You can submit articles that do not meet your expectations without giving written reasons, send back within 14 days of receipt of the goods unless you return the goods to us unused and in perfect condition in the original packaging and original invoice with the free house. You only pay the postage or shipping fees for Warenretoure shipping.

In case of legitimate complaints postage or freight expenses are paid (also see and note point "Transport Damage" & Complaint).

If the goods upon return of the signs of wear or damage, we reserve the right to claim for compensation.

The exchange and return policy does not apply to special designs according to customer specifications or special orders of non-overlapping products.

Return Address:

Firma SUPer-Reparatur
Christian ANTON
Parkstraße 11
A-2521 Trumau


Transport Damage

All deliveries of SUPer Reparatur Christian Anton are insured against loss or damage.

Please check incoming goods immediately for completeness and damage.

In case of missing packages or damage to the packaging, it is necessary to make a confirmation by the transport carrier on the shipping documents.

Damage to the package contents please notify us within 12 hours.

Later claims can transport carrier shall not be enforceable.




Refund or exchange value of the goods to:

Please inform us either by phone (0043 676 4065175) or by mail (info @ SUPer-Reparatur.at) which of the following options you choose.

- Reimbursement of the total merchandise value, or

- Exchange of goods (unless it is in stock)



For complaints relating to the manufacturer (eg manufacturing defects, material defects), we derive that the merchandise directly to the manufacturer / importer. As soon as we receive information we  immediately let you know, whether we are justified complaints with either a credit or send you a replacement product. (see warranty)

For obvious defects we guarantee, if we get a written complaint within 10 days after you have received the goods.

Please return, we reserve the right to liberate not to accept non-free return shipment.

In case of legitimate complaints you are paid postage or freight costs incurred.
In case of justified complaints of errors that we create (eg, sent wrong color), we will exchange or transfer immediately to return the amount paid by you.

We will only be responsible for defects that are present at the time of transfer of risk (delivery of goods to the customers) and which include the lack of warranted characteristics and differences in quantity, and only in the following way: the client has the primary claim on improving.

Small deviations of our models in terms of shape and color, especially when deliveries and technical changes in the interest of further development or adaptation are not considered as defects standard.  

We will only be responsible for defects that exist at the time of transfer of risk (delivery of goods to the customers) and which include the lack of guaranteed characteristics and quantity variances, and only in the following way: the client has the primary right to improve.

We have the right to improve within three weeks from the written notice of the existence of a defect, to replace defective parts or the customer to refer to rescission (cancellation of the contract) or reduction (reduction of payment).

Small variations of our models of shape and color, especially for deliveries and technical enhancements or modifications in terms of standard adaptation are not considered defects. We, our vicarious agents offer no compensation from pre-contractual, contractual or non-contractual (legal) liability.

This also applies for example for any damage or defects in the delivery itself and for damages caused by malfunction and / or other damage at the customer or third party, caused by products supplied by us or by the timing and / or manner of delivery or warranty, directly or indirectly.


Normally, most manufacturers provide 1 year Material Warranty (some even 2 years) on their products. So-specialist should occur during use, a problem with their product, the manufacturer decides whether the warranty is authorized.


- Call them at 0043 676 4065175 or send us an e-mail (info @ SUPer-Reparatur.at). Please enter your order number and your full name.

- Describe the problem and send us photos of them. (Please do not send the product back for the time being, there must first be clarified whether it is handled as a warranty claim.)

The next steps will be discussed and this results personally with each customer.

SUPer-Reparatur goodwill:

Should a problem occur with one or more of its products purchased from us, the Surf Island team will do its utmost to make everything just to quickly remedy.