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STX SUP Leash Line Coiled  for ankle basic
STX SUP Leash Line Coiled for ankle basic
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Neilpryde Glide Surf Alu Foil Size XL
Neilpryde Glide Surf Alu Foil Size XL
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Stand Up Paddle Repairs, Board Sale, Equipment


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SUP Repair, Inflatable Boards, Paddles, Pumps, Wingsurfing, TAMI Dogbox Inflatable

I offer professional repairs for inflatable stand up paddle boards, i-SUP, SUP, inflatable kayaks and similar inflatable water sports equipment for all of Austria.
Our SUP board repairs are done in our house. Since we have a well-equipped workshop, the iSUP board is in most cases ready for pickup after 3-5 days. If you need your board fixed, for example before the next weekend, just call, we'll tell you exactly how long it will take. 

If you live further away, you can also send the board by prior arrangement. For example by GLS as XL-package for €11,-

If no box is available, you can also put the board in his own bag and protect it with a large plastic bag to prevent contamination.


Hole or crack up to 5cm - topside 50€

Hole or crack up to 5cm - bottomside 50€

Side Edge or Railband burst up to 15 cm  90€

leaky seam / side edge up to 10cm - lateral  90€

leaky seam / side edge up to 10cm - Tip / Tail 110€

Gluing deckpad up to 25cm² 40€

Gluing the original finbox 60€

Gluing a D-Ring 10€

Eliminate leaks at the valve 40€

*all prices in Euro incl. VAT. (plus shippingcosts if needed)

Further damage such as replacement of the fin box, valve exchange etc. - prices on request
Please note: The prices serve as a rough guide.
We will tell you in advance, after the assessment of the damage, the exact price.
Please send pictures of the damaged area in advance by @Mail 


In my online Super-shop.at you can order inflatable SUPspaddles, pumps, electric pumps, fins, fin boxes, repair material, leash,kayakseat and other SUP accessories.
Foilsurfing with a wing is new to the program. Since I practice this young sport wingsurfing myself, I can also offer good advice. I offer wings, foils and foilboards. The wingboards are available as inflatable or hard hulls. 
Foiling and winging are not only popular with kite surfers. A wind wing can also be used with a SUP, skateboard, ice skates or skis.
Here the most importent manufacturers are Airush, Cabrinha, Ensis, Naish Wingsurfer, RRD, Neilpryde, JP Australia, Starboard 
New in the program I have Tami dog box, inflatable! You can order the Tami dog box online at tami-hundebox.at and have it sent to you or picked up in Trumau. Foldable dog boxes from Tami are made of almost the same drop stitch material as inflatable SUPs. When folded, the foldable transport box for dogs is small, light and space-saving. Smaller and, above all, lighter than foldable dog boxes made of metal or plastic. Inflated, robust and with an integrated airbag!
I repair leaking seams mostly on the side wall, burst seams, leaking rail tapes mostly at the overlap, bursting rail tapes, leaking valves, cuts, cracks,  burst sidewall, detached deck pads, detached stands, detached fin boxes and much more. The replacement of affixed fin boxes or entire valves is possible in most cases. When the valve seat is torn off, I can detach old PVC rings and glue new rings again and replace the O-ring of the upper valve. If the attachment is missing for a luggage net or a kayak seat, I can glue appropriate D-rings.
I also repair broken and leaking boards from SUP Test Centers ans SUP Rental Centers.
The Austrian importers of the top paddle brands JP AUSTRALIAMISTRALNAISHRRDSTARBOARD, SPORT VIBRATIONS and STX know my way of working as well as repair successes and they trust in the repair of their boards by me.

Even boards from brands like Allroundmarin,  Aqua Marina, Aztron, BIC SUP, Bluefin, Crane, Fanatic, Gloryboards und Stemax have been for repair in my workshop.
In winter snowboarding is the thing! I offer snowboards, bindings, softbindings and snowboardsets. Snowboards differ in Freerideboards and Freestyleboards. At softbindings, Top brands are Nidecker snowboard and Nitro snowboard. Flow offers bindings with Step In and Easy In function.